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The Cudgel In The Sack Empty The Cudgel In The Sack

Post  manu on Mon Dec 21, 2009 12:24 pm

The Cudgel in the sack
A father had three sons, because of its deceitful goat he chased them off. In the following time the sons made their apprenticeship by different master (carpenter, turner and miller). After the apprenticeship the three sons want to return again to the father. The masters give them as wages for their work charm articles: Mueller gets a donkey, the carpenter a table and the turner a bag. The donkey could produce gold, the table could lay itself and the finest meals appeared and the cudgel can come out of the sack and can beat the enemy.
When the dusk is falling the carpenter stopped in a inn. He boast about his table and the common landlord exchanged the harm table with a usual table. On the next day the miller came and made the same with him. When the two sos noticed it, they complained on with its brother the loss. The outwitted with his club the landlord and brought te landlord to it the stolen articles to return. Then they could return finally home. The father had repented his act and had away-hunted the goat. With their charm articles they had from now to no more concerns.

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