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The master thief
A master thief is made through the exercise of his craft in the world a rich man. Finally, it draws it would return to his homeland, and his godfather, the counts in the castle near his father's house, makes him look so. He is at first angry and wants the master thief can just hangs up. When the master thief, however, is that he still gives him a chance to prove his skills on three tasks. As a reward he would be allowed to take the daughter of the Earl for his wife and would be a free man .

First you have to steal the best horse from the stables of the Count, which is guarded by soldiers. The thief disguises himself as an old woman and sells the guards soporific wine. Then he went into the stable of the three soldiers, who are now asleep. He manages to steal the horse, as he leads wrapped around the horse's hooves and the horse from the stable unnoticed.

The second problem is: The Master Thief to steal the count in the night, the bed sheets away from under him and the countess the wedding ring from her finger. The master thief solves this by having a straw doll and picks it puts on the shoulders. He is a ladder in front of the bedroom of the count and goes up with the doll so far shouldered until the head of the doll appears at the window. The count, who has been waiting for it shoots with his pistol on the straw doll, and thinks he has killed the master thief .To make sure he goes into the garden. Meanwhile, increases the master thief in the bedroom, dangles in front of the Countess, he was her husband and need the sheets for wrapping up the shot. Moreover, he asks her to give the wedding ring into the grave, and disappears.

The third task: He must steal the parson and the clerk of the church. This task is solved by the master thief by crabs, which he stuck lighted candles on her back, exposing the night in the churchyard, and loudly proclaimed that these were the souls of the dead who have risen from their graves, the last day had come and he was Peter who bring people into the kingdom of heaven. The priest and the clerk will be the first in the heavens and come ready to crawl into a sack. The master thief dragged the sack into the pigeon loft. He leaves the two and knows they are making, they heard the angels flap their wings.
As promised, he married the daughter of the Count and was a free man .


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