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Post  Johanna on Mon Dec 07, 2009 12:33 pm

The Frog King

A wonderful princess loved to play with her golden ball near the well. One day her ball felt into the deep well. While she was crying an ugly frog( bom ) came out of the well. He brought her the golden ball. Therefore she had to promise that she take the frog home with her. But she was gone without the frog. The next day the frog came to the princess’ castle, but she would take him away. When her father( pig ) heard that he told his daughter that she had to keep her promise. That’s what the princess did. One day it was too much for her and she threw the frog against the wall. At this moment the frog became a very handsome prince. He told her that he was execrated from an evil evil witch( affraid ). The prince( king ) and the princess( queen ) felt in love( I love you ) and married…


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